Threads of time, beautifully illustrated through the art of quilting.

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Artist Statement

My quilts are a reflection of my interest in the people around me and the daily circumstances in which we find ourselves. I am also intrigued by the idea of using the fabrics with which we have long covered ourselves as a means to depict the human form.

Many of my quilts begin with a paper drawing done from a live model sitting which I then interpret using fabric, paint and thread. In my current work, I have been eliminating the paper stage and have been working directly from model to fabric. I am attracted to the immediacy of the process while trying to capture my drawing style. I am also attempting to reflect something intimate about the individual or moment depicted.

Besides my figurative work I enjoy making quilts that are inspired by the colors and messages of the 60’s. These quilts reflect the humorous and nostalgic side of my imagination. Their construction heavily depends on the sewing and quilting techniques that are a fundamental part of quilt making history.

Making quilts satisfies my love of working with fabrics and act of sewing while providing me with way to express myself artistically.